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Integrated Holllistic Treatment For Symptoms of PMS & Menopause

Find Out If Accupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Help Restore Your Quality of Life:

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Severe Symptoms of PMS and Menopause Can Reduce A Woman's Quality of Life. Accupuncture and Herbal Medicine Can Help

About 10% of women experience PMS Symptoms to a degree that directly affects their quailty of life. The integrated use of accupuncture and herbal medicine is being studied with postitive results concluding that accupuncture and herbal medicine treatments significatntly reduced the effects of PMS/PMDD and improved the quality of life for those sufferers.

Accupuncture has been proven in studies to be an affective treatment for woman suffering from debilitating vasomotor symptoms (VMS, the constriction or dilatation of blood vessels) commonly occuring during Menopause.

Chinese herbal medicine is still being studied and while the conclusions are not clear at this date, clinical studies are still being encouraged and the use of traditional herbal medicine is anticipated to grow because of the concerns of the adverse side effects of hormone therapy.