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Herbal Medicine

Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes in China since prehistoric times. The knowledge and use of herbs has grown over time, evolving into the body of knowledge known today as Chinese herbal medicine.

Angela Cubero has a Masters Degree in Oriental Herbal Medicine focus was on the knowledge of individual herbs and their subsequent combination into formulas. Many formulas are teas which have a strong medicinal affect on the body. Herbs suspended in powders and plasters are also used in some treatments.

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Herbs are carefully prepared under the guidelines of the FDA, being randomly tested before they leave their country of origin as well as they arrive in the United States.

Herb's colors are associated with their clinical functions: Red herbs are generally associated with the element of fire and so with the heart and blood. Yellow herbs are associated with the earth element so they tend to be associated with the stomach and spleen. White herbs are generally associated with the element of metal, henceforth, the lung and Qi are its target. Black or grey colored herbs are associated with the element of water, which are associated with the kidneys, yin and essence. Green or blue herbs are associated with the wood element, and therefore, target the liver and gallbladder. Flowers, barks, roots and stems all target different levels or regions of the body. Herbs have temperatures (hot, warm, cool and cold) as well as tastes (pungent, sweet, sour, salty, bitter and bland). The different tastes of the herbs also gives them direction, meaning that some herbs move energy up, some down, some drain and some disperse. This treatment method is very effective for many patient complaints. They are usually taken in the form of medicinal teas.